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Understanding Unallocated Bullion: A Flexible Approach to Precious Metals Investing | Bulk Bullion

Understanding Unallocated Bullion: A Flexible Approach to Precious Metals Investing | Bulk Bullion

In the realm of precious metals investing, terms like "allocated" and "unallocated" bullion often come up, but what exactly does "unallocated bullion" mean? Let's delve into this concept to gain a clearer understanding.
What is Unallocated Bullion?

Unallocated bullion refers to precious metals (such as gold or silver) held by a bullion dealer on behalf of an investor without specific individual ownership of any particular bars or coins.

When you purchase unallocated bullion, you essentially buy a share or interest in a pool of precious metals, rather than specific, identifiable items. One fundamental component to understand is, all unallocated bullion held by Bulk Bullion is backed by physical metal.

Key Characteristics

  1. No Specific Ownership: With unallocated bullion, you do not own specific bars or coins. Instead, you have a claim on a portion of the overall pool of physical precious metals held by Bulk Bullion.
  2. Fractional Ownership: Unallocated bullion allows investors to own a fraction of a larger quantity of precious metals. Your ownership interest is typically measured by weight (e.g., ounces or kilograms of gold, silver, etc.) rather than specific, identifiable items.
  3. No Allocated Storage: Unlike allocated bullion, where specific bars or coins are allocated and held in storage exclusively for the investor, unallocated bullion does not require individualized storage. The dealer maintains a pooled inventory used to fulfill orders and satisfy investment demands.
  4. Lower Storage Costs: Unallocated bullion generally incurs lower storage costs compared to allocated bullion because the dealer does not need to physically segregate and maintain specific assets for each investor. This cost-saving benefit can make unallocated bullion an attractive option for investors.
  5. Flexibility in Buying and Selling: Investing in unallocated bullion provides flexibility in terms of buying and selling. Transactions can be executed quickly and efficiently without the constraints associated with physical delivery or ownership of specific bullion items. This flexibility makes it easier for investors to enter and exit positions in the bullion market.

Understanding these key characteristics is crucial for investors considering unallocated bullion as part of their investment portfolio.

How It Works

When you purchase unallocated bullion, the dealer adds your investment to their overall pool of physical precious metals. They maintain records of your ownership interest, typically in weight (e.g., ounces of gold or silver). If you decide to sell or liquidate your holdings, the dealer will adjust your ownership stake accordingly based on the prevailing market value.

The Steps to Converting to a Physical Product

Converting unallocated bullion is a quick and simple process. Here are steps you can take to convert unallocated bullion to a physical product:

  1. Contact us: Begin by reaching out to Bulk Bullion via phone or email. Please ensure you have your order number and full name the order was placed under ready.
  2. Specify Product Type and Quantity: Clearly specify the type (e.g., gold, silver, platinum) and quantity of physical bullion you wish to receive in exchange for your unallocated holdings. Provide any necessary details such as preferred bar sizes or coin denominations.
  3. Pay for the “physical premium” of the product: Once you have selected the exact physical items you would like to redeem for your unallocated bullion, you will be sent and invoice with the physical premium that will be due.
  4. Arrange for Delivery or Pickup: Coordinate with one of our team members to arrange for the delivery or pickup of the physical bullion products. Please note: delivery fees may apply
  5. Complete Transaction: Once payment has been received, we will execute the transaction and transfer ownership of the specified physical bullion to you.

Unallocated bullion offers investors a convenient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to precious metals without the burden of physical ownership. If you require any further information regarding unallocated bullion, one of out team members are waiting to speak with you here.

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