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Unveiling 5 Benefits of 'Buy Back' Bullion | Bulk Bullion

Unveiling 5 Benefits of 'Buy Back' Bullion | Bulk Bullion

All bullion bars and coins designated for "buy back" undergo testing using an XRF machine to ensure their purity. Following testing, each item is weighed to verify its exact weight.

Bulk Bullion exclusively sells bullion-grade precious metals, ensuring that every item contains a minimum of 99.9% pure silver, gold, or platinum. Each piece is imprinted with the refinery’s logo, weight, and purity.

Because these bars originate from various refineries and mints worldwide, the brand, type (bar or coin), and condition may vary.

Recent "buy back" bars and coins sold within the past month have included items from renowned producers such as PAMP, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Intrinsic Tender, and Scottsdale, among others.

Buying second-hand (buy back) bullion, such as coins or bars made from precious metals like gold or silver, can offer several advantages:

Cost Savings:

Second-hand bullion is often sold at a lower price compared to newly minted items. This can provide a significant cost advantage, especially if the bullion is in good condition and priced competitively.


Some older or limited-edition bullion items can be more valuable to collectors than their intrinsic metal value alone. Buying second-hand allows you to acquire items that may have numismatic value beyond their metal content.


Second-hand bullion often includes a variety of items from different mints, countries, or time periods. This allows you to diversify your collection or investment portfolio more broadly, potentially increasing its resilience to market fluctuations.

Historical Interest:

Older bullion items often carry historical significance or aesthetic appeal due to their designs or the era in which they were produced. This can add an extra dimension of interest and enjoyment to your collection.

Reduced Premiums:

Premiums (the amount over the spot price of the metal) on second-hand bullion can be lower than on newly minted items, especially if the original owner acquired the bullion during a period of lower metal prices or market conditions.

Overall, buying second-hand bullion can be a strategic way to acquire precious metals for investment or collection purposes while potentially enjoying cost savings, historical interest, and a broader range of options compared to buying newly minted bullion.

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