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Perth Mint Kangaroo Minted Gold Bar - 1oz

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The Perth Mint gold minted bullion bars are offered in a convenient choice of weights and are stamped with The Perth Mint's London bullion Market Association registered mark, an internationally recognised symbol. Each bar has a 99.99% purity, ensuring all bars are fine gold.

The Perth Mint gold minted bar range incorporates authentication features in the form of multiple micro-laser engraved letters, they are only detectable under a magnifying glass.

This 1oz gold minted bar is housed in tamper-evident packaging which will display the word VOID around the edge of the blister if the card has been prized open.

  • Producer: Perth Mint
  • Country: Australia
  • Series: Kangaroo Minted Bar
  • Condition: Uncirculated
  • Weight: 1oz (31.107 grams)
  • Mintage: Unlimited
  • Dimensions: 41.60mm x 24.60mm
  • Thickness: 2.80mm
  • Product packaging: Tamper-evident packaging with serial number


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