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2024 Royal Australian Mint Giraffe Silver Coin - 1oz

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The Royal Australian Mint's Australia Zoo Series is a world renowned bullion coin series, released annually, it is always a popular choice amongst investors.

Now in its fifth release, the 2024 Giraffe Silver Coin is very limited in mintage with only 25,000 worldwide.

The Giraffe is native to Africa and is a near-threatened species due to illegal poaching and habitat destruction. With their towering presence and distinctive patterns, visitors can spot them in their African savannah habitat at Australia Zoo in Queensland.

These graceful giants can weigh over 1,300 kilograms and grow to over 5 metres tall. Despite their impressive stature, these gentle giants are often seen in groups known as towers. Utilising their unique long neck and tongue, the giraffe is able to consume up to 45 kilograms of leaves per day.

Female giraffe take a considerable amount of time nurturing their calf, with a gestation period of nearly 15 months. During this time the calf is able to fully develop and is ready to thrive in the challenging African environment.

The Giraffe silver investment coins are complete with the Royal Australian Mint’s brilliant uncirculated finish with guaranteed metal content and quality.

Each order includes a Bulk Bullion protective pouch for your items

  • Producer: Royal Australian Mint
  • Country: Australia
  • Series: Australia Zoo series
  • Legal tender: 1 Dollar
  • Condition: Uncirculated
  • Year of production: 2024
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Mintage: 25,000
  • Packaging: Single coin capsule, Sleeves of 10 pieces
  • Includes: Bulk Bullion Protective Pouch for your items
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