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Silver Bulk Bullion Protective Pouch - MEDIUM

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Introducing our Bulk Bullion Soft Velvet Pouch, where luxury meets practicality.

Crafted from premium soft velvet, this pouch offers a tactile experience that enhances the presentation of your precious metal collection with sophistication.

Its plush exterior provides a gentle touch, while the robust material ensures your valuables remain securely protected.

The convenient drawstring closure combines security with effortless access, making it perfect for storing a range of different sized coins and bars.

Elevate your storage and presentation with our Soft Velvet Pouch - a timeless accessory that combines beauty and functionality seamlessly. 

Please Note: When purchasing any bullion coin or bar from our store, you will received a complimentary Bulk Bullion Protective Pouch with your order.


  • Medium Size: 10cm x 12cm
  • Pouch Colour: Navy Blue
  • Logo Colour: Metallic Silver
  • Premium velvet construction
  • Metallic Bulk Bullion logo   
  • Secure drawstring closure
  • Elegant Design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying and storage
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